Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions, if you have any questions which are not covered on here please call us and one of our team will gladly assist.
Do I need a fast internet connection?

No - the connection should be stable, but it does not need to be "fast" by most standards.

Click here to use our free VoIP Connectivity Test to see how many phones you can run on your current connection.

A 4G connection is always an option as a backup, or primary connection if the available broadband is not sufficient.

I have an existing number, can I transfer it over?
Yes, we can migrate most numbers from the majority of providers. Call us on 01376 386 466 and we can check for you.
Is there a long term contract?
Our standard with phones included contract is 24 months, but if the hardware is purchased as a one-off, we offer a 90 day rolling contract. Choose whichever works best for your business.
Is voicemail included?
Yes, voicemail is included free and will automatically email the voicemail audio as an attachment to one or more defined recpients.
How long does it take to set up?
We send the phones out for next working day delivery, new numbers can be active within seconds. If you know what you need, you can be fully up and running the next day.
What if the internet goes down?
As the calls are routed through the internet, you need a working internet connection for the calls. Unlike a telephone line though, it's easy to set up a backup connection using 4G so calls continue to work, but through the backup connection. This actually allows the system to be more reliable, as you are not reliant on a single line.
Do I need to learn a control panel?
No, you're welcome to make changes by contacting us, but we think you'll like having control - it's very easy and it means you can quickly make changes to your system whenever you need to.
Can I get help?
Of course, you can use the secure Client Portal or call us and we will be pleased to help, our experts can usually get to the bottom of any issues quickly and being the developer of the platform, not a reseller, we can get right to the heart of any problems fast.
Can I use my own VoIP phones?
We understand that some customers may have already invested in other hardware and in some cases, this can be used, but you won't benefit from all of the integrated features we offer - such as managing the phones shortcuts, backgrounds and settings from a central panel. You'll need to do the phone configuration yourself through the phones screen or panel at your end, our team won't be able to do this for you and may not be experianced with the specific phones you have making support more limited than usual. We highly recomend using our integrated phones and as they're such great value, it makes sense to get the full benefits of the platform.
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